IDEAS 2015, runs from now till October 18, 2015 and the competition requires students to come up with a technical/commercial idea which is not only feasible but can also thrive in the real world. Your success will be based on:

1. Innovation - Is it a service or product or new use of existing Product/Technology ?
2. Its Commercial Viability.
3. Unique Selling Point.
4. Low Cost.
5. Your Involvement in the Process.

Note :These ideas are externally funded, hence will be shortlisted by a panel containing internal and external judges.

Since the last two years we have funded 10 different ideas and with this seed money they have been in a good shape to proceed further. This year, your idea can be one of them so don't miss the opportunity.

Submission Guidelines:

Attach a pdf file containing minimum of two paragraphs explaining your idea with file name as "your_idea_name.pdf" mentioning your and your partner/s Name and Roll No.

Final Date of Submission : 11:59 pm, October 18, 2015.         Final Submission by Email to